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Set timers to quality check your site - DeepTrawl Feature

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DeepTrawl can be set to automatically Trawl any site, either:

    - At a single date / time

    - Daily

    - Weekly

    - Monthly

Once the the results have been generated an alert e-mail can be sent informing you the trawl has finished. e-mail functionality is handled through the DeepTrawl server, so you don't even need to enter your e-mail server details.

The ability to set timers and automatically get e-mail alerts means that DeepTrawl can be left to automatically keep watch over your site.

Even when you're away from your computer you can rest assured that DeepTrawl will find any problems which occur on your site and inform you when they are found.

You can even have alert e-mails sent to a mobile device, to give you real freedom and peace of mind.

Now you can have the flexibility to watch over the quality of your web site from anywhere in the world.