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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I buy DeepTrawl then a new feature is introduced which I want to use?

Can I use my DeepTrawl license for a copy on both my laptop & my desktop?

My site uses server side scripting, will DeepTrawl still work with it?

Does DeepTrawl need any third party software including any specific browsers, plug-ins etc?



There are several ways to get support with using DeepTrawl, these are listed below...

Use the built in help

DeepTrawl has an extensive help system which is designed to help you get stared with the whole program, learn to use a specific feature.

Toolbar help button

Context help button


Press teh toolbar help button for quick start guide / help index / help search etc.

Many windows include a context help button at the bottom left or bottom right. Click this to jump to help for the feature you're using.


Look through the F.A.Q.

The F.A.Q. is regularly updated & contains answers to all of the questions we're most commonly asked. This resource is often the quickest way to find out the answer to your question.

Read the F.A.Q

Create a support request

If you have a problem you can't solve we're always here to help. You can e-mail us or lodge a support request using the online form on our contact page. Queries are usually responded to within 48 hours.

Direct support is available during the evaluation period & for 3 months after a license has been purchased.

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