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DeepTrawl screen-shots

We've provided these screen-shots to give a small flavor of how friendly & well designed the DeepTrawl interface is. As soon as your ready to get started you can download the free 30 day trial & see first hand how intuitive it is.

Please click any screen-shot to see it full size.

Checks tab

DeepTrawl checks tab screen-shot

The checks tab is the first screen which greets you when you first enter DeepTrawl. It it allows you to choose what checks will be made on each page of your website.

This screen-shot also shows the toolbar and url entry field. Note the design is very similar to that of a web browser. You simply need to enter the url of the first page of your website and press start to begin a trawl.

Problems tab

DeepTrawl checks tab screen-shot

The problems tab shows a list off all the pages in your site which have problems you may wish to fix.

This tab is designed to work very much like the results list from a web search engine.

Each page in your site is shown in a familiar format with all the errors it contains. Each error has links to show further information or view it highlighted in your web browser or the integrated html editor.

Integrated HTML editor

DeepTrawl checks tab screen-shot

DeepTrawl includes an integrated lightweight HTML editor.

Once a problem has been identified you can see it highlighted within your HTML, along with other problems on that page. As you fix the problems they are struck off the list.

Even if you use HTML dynamically generated on the server side, seeing the problems highlighted in the final HTML provides excellent context so you can find and fix the problem quickly.

View problems in your web browser

DeepTrawl checks tab screen-shot

DeepTrawl can show you the problems in your web pages highlighted using your web browser.

This feature allows you to see all the errors on a page in context as a user would see them & highlight them one by one.

Advanced Settings

DeepTrawl checks tab screen-shot

DeepTrawl is designed to be incredibly easy to use. Most users will never have to change any settings to run a complete & detailed trawl of their site.

For power users DeepTrawl has many advanced settings, allowing you to change everything from interface preferences to socket level connection settings.